New Zantedeschia Variety

Exciting New Callas…

Quality Callas is very excited to announce the arrival of a brand new Hybrid Zantedeschia Variety- Orient Express.

Orient Express is a beautiful, full coloured Cherry Red Calla, with high Cut Flower production, and has very good disease resistance.

The Orient Express Calla variety is from the stables of Dutch Breeding Company United Calla, and has been undergoing extensive trials right here at the Quality Callas Bulb farm. Part of our trial involved testing the Cut Flower market- Prices for Orient Express were on average 15% greater than that of any other variety currently on our catalogue.


Orient Express Calla bulbs will be available from May 2014.

Contact the team at Quality Callas today for any further information, or to place your next wholesale Zantedeschia Bulb order!

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