Bulb planting has begun!

Sawdust delivery

Here at Quality Callas, the arrival of the first Truck and Trailer load of Sawdust for the season means that planting has begun!!

Over the coming weeks, the team will be hard at work, preparing, rotary hoeing, and fertilizing the  soil which will be planted with over 400,000 Zantedeschia bulbs.

The Calla and Gloriosa bulbs will be planted into sandy peat soils, at the two bulb farms located at Waipu and Ruakaka. Sawdust is then spread over the top of the bulbs to act as a temperature and moisture controller- keeping the bulbs happy throughout the hot summer. The sawdust will also acts as a weed suppressant.

Quality Callas uses in excess of 700 cubic metres of Pine sawdust annually- all sustainably sourced from local Timber Mills.


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