Bulb Production

Growing and Exporting Quality New Zealand CallasQuality New Zealand Callas

Quality Callas of New Zealand, produces Hybrid Calla and Gloriosa Tubers from Tissue Culture, natural tuber division, and partating (cutting large healthy T2 tubers into cuttings), for the international wholesale market.

Tissue Culture plantlets are grown under cover, at Quality Calla’s Paparoa property, until T1 stage (one year from Tissue Culture). After harvesting, the small tubers are transferred to the rich sandy peat soils of Ruakaka, for T2 production.

After one further year of growth, the T2 tubers are harvested, washed, cured and chilled, ready for dispatch from May onwards, and are ideal for May through to February plantings.

Quality Callas grow over 550,000 Zantedeschia bulbs annually.



Quality Callas also has the ability to grow Calla and Gloriosa tubers on contract- this means that our clients can plan ahead and save money!


Quality Callas Exports tubers to customers all over the Globe. For more information on stock availability, and wholesale pricing, please contact the team at Quality Callas sales@qualitycallas.com