Quality Callas of New Zealand

Waipu, New Zealand.

Quality Callas has 3 separate properties located in the beautiful region of Northland, New Zealand. We are 1.5 hours drive, or a 30 minute flight from Auckland International Airport.

Northland is a well known tourist hotspot, with lush green rolling landscapes, and hundreds of picturesque secluded bays and beaches. Here at Quality Callas we encourage our international clients, and potential clients, to visit our growing operations, and take a much needed holiday. We will help with accommodation, and offer any inside knowledge on the best places to visit whilst over here. Why not contact us to arrange a visit!


Paparoa Property…

Packing sheds

Quality Callas’ Processing hub is nestled in the rich alluvial valley of Paparoa- a small country town 150kms north of Auckland International Airport. This picturesque valley is surrounded by lush indegenous native forests, and fresh water streams.

Paparoa houses Quality Callas’ indoor growing operation, which includes cut flower production, and tissue culture growing. Paparoa is also where the Calla (Zantedeschia) bulbs and Gloriosa bulbs are transported for washing, curing, grading and chilling.

Curing and chilling of the Zantedeschia bulbs and Gloriosa bulbs, takes place in our purpose built, humidity controlled, cool rooms.


Waipu and Ruakaka properties…

Waipu, Northland

Quality Callas’ Bulb farms are located in the beautiful sandy peat soils of Ruakaka and Waipu. These two properties are ideal for growing consistently rounded, healthy tubers.

Both properties are within walking distance of the stunning Bream Bay Beaches.