Seasonal Availability

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Seasonal Availability

Calla  |  Gloriosa | Sandersonia

Quality Callas Exports Zantedeschia, Gloriosa and Sandersonia Tubers. Contact us for more information on quantities available.

Don’t see the variety you are looking for? contact us, and we can source it through our vast grower network!

Zantedeschia Variety: Quantity Available Dates Available
Picasso High June
Swanlake (Elegant Swan) High June
Tahiti High June
Passionfruit Low June
Majestic Red Low June
Orient Express Low June
Hot Shot High June
Treasure High June
Black Magic High June
Florex Gold High June
Pot of Gold High June
Golden Nuggett High June
Neroli Low June
Margarita Low June
Red Addair Low June
Aurora Low June
Dominique Low June
Harmony High June
Pacific Pink Low June
White Sox Low June
Gloriosa Variety:
Rothschildiana High June
Lutea Low June
Sandersonia Variety:
Aurantiaca (Orange) High Available NOW!
The Phoenix (Lemon yellow) High