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3 Generations of Calla Growing…

Calla and Gloriosa in the Field

Calla and Gloriosa in the Field

Quality Callas, is a family owned business, growing and exporting beautiful New Zealand Calla (Zantedeschia) and Gloriosa Tubers to Commercial Growers, Importers, and Dry Sales Companies, all over the world.

For the last 30 years, the Gravatt Family have been heavily involved in the New Zealand Calla Lily (Zantedeschia) industry.

The Gravatt’s have vast experience in both Flower, and Tuber production- through this experience we are able to offer our clients advice on selecting, planting, growing, and selling both Flowers and Tubers.

Quality Callas have the ability to supply small and large bulb orders, from May through to January, making the most of New Zealand’s Southern Hemisphere growing season.

Quality Callas has three main Production sites. The processing hub of the business, is based in Paparoa, New Zealand, a small country town, surrounded by native bush, and fresh water streams.  The Bulb and Flower Growing operations are situated in Waipu and Ruakaka. Both Waipu and Ruakaka are Quiet Seaside Towns, possessing deep black, sandy peat – ideal for producing large, healthy, rounded Tubers.

There are currently over 550,000 Calla (Zantedeschia) and Gloriosa tubers planted at the Paparoa, Ruakaka and Waipu properties.


Quality Callas works closely with Dutch Breeding company, United Calla BV, testing and evaluating new Calla varieties before they are introduced to the market. Currently Quality Callas are trialing and evaluating over 50 varieties yet to be released. We have a focus on bringing our clients new and exciting Callas.


Our Values

* Exceptional Customer Service

* Quality Control at every level

* Accountability and integrity

* Striving for Excellence

* Environmental care

* Research and Development

Our Mission

To provide our clients with exceptional service, and to supply the best quality, highest yielding Calla and Gloriosa Tubers on the market.


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